Horsetail Tea Benefits – Numerous Health Benefits

The cost of medicine and health care continue to rise each year, leading many people to look for effective ways to prevent and even treat illnesses naturally and inexpensively. Old folk remedies are coming back in a big way, thanks in no small part to the mounting evidence suggesting that many of the benefits attributed to them are indeed accurate. There are many different types of herbal remedies and natural teas on the market, all promising to deliver different health benefits. While some are little more than nutritional supplements, others offer very real benefits when used regularly. Horsetail tea is one of the latter, offering not only nutritional benefits but also the improvement of the body’s overall health.

Respiratory Health

As mentioned above, horsetail tea does indeed deliver some nutrients to your body. These include manganese, potassium, and various flavonoids. But it also contains high amounts of silicic acid, a chemical that strengthen your lungs and build up a resistance to diseases. For those suffering from respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma, this can be tremendously beneficial by clearing out built up waste in the lungs and helping to improve breathing functions. There is also evidence that bones and joints can benefit from drinking the tea regularly. But while these are major benefits, they aren’t even the main use of this tea.

Kidney & Bladder Health

Horsetail tea joins the ranks of other natural remedies that act as a natural diuretic. This essentially means that it can help to remove unneeded water and waste from your body, helping in weight loss as well as improving bladder and kidney functions and overall health. The tea is frequently recommended to those suffering from urinary tract infections, and has proven successful at not only helping to treat them but also making it less likely that you will suffer them in the future so long as you use the tea as part of your daily regimen.

Hair & Nails

The silica that is available in horsetail tea makes it good for strengthening the health of hair and nails as well. You can drink it regularly or alternatively you can also apply it externally to your hair and nails as well to benefit even further from the constituents available in this herbal drink. Use horsetail tea on your hair to strengthen the hair follicles, promote hair growth, and to alleviate a dry itchy scalp. This tea is also helpful for treating breakage, split ends, and dry hair as well. Massage horsetail tea into your hair regularly and allow it to sit for 10 minutes at least. It is good to do this at least three times a week for best results.

Other Uses

Additionally, there are many other benefits in this tea that can be taken advantage of as well. These benefits include healing infections on various parts of the body. Studies have shown that horsetail may also be able to lower blood glucose levels, making it beneficial for those with diabetes. Other research has shown that it may also have potential to help with strengthening memory as well. When used externally it can be applied to the skin with a cotton ball to help alleviate rashes, cuts, burns, bruises, scrapes, and bug bites. Not only does it help to reduce the pain, it can also help rid itching and inflammation as well.

Like many other natural remedies, this tea can greatly help you improve your overall health and well being. Even if you aren’t suffering from urinary tract infections or breathing problems, drinking horsetail tea can help to ward off those health problems and others, all the while providing you with nutrients that your body needs to be its best. And it does all of this naturally, without the massive list of side effects that synthetic drugs can cause. And best of all, it provides these health benefits to you at a fraction of the cost that most medicines would cost you. It’s well worth trying, as the results could change your life.