Horsetail Tea for Kidney Stones

Horsetail is a species of plant that has managed to survive for over a hundred million years, having been present during the age of the dinosaurs. It has been used since the beginning of civilization for its medicinal properties, especially in the form of a tea. Horsetail tea has many beneficial and remedial effects for many common health problems. For those that suffer from the constant discomfort of kidney stones, horsetail tea may be a helpful natural remedy that is worth trying.

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are commonly experienced hard crystal lumps that develop in the urinary tract. A majority of the time, these stones are so small that they pass through the body unnoticed. However, larger kidney stones don’t pass through the system as easily and can be painful to deal with. Sometimes the stones can even prevent the proper flow of urine through the system, leading to even more serious problems. Symptoms will include abdominal pain, abnormal urine color, nausea, vomiting, and fever.  The cause behind these stones is still unknown to doctors, though it has been shown to be more common in people that have a family history of kidney stones.


In most cases, kidney stones can pass on their own without medical attention. Drinking plenty of fluids or more water than normal can help with the passing of a kidney stone. In rare circumstances, some severe kidney stones require surgical removal. Doctors will typically recommend lifestyle changes such as increasing fluid intake and changing diet in order to help prevent further kidney stones from developing. In other cases, therapy can be helpful for kidney stones as well.

Using Horsetail Tea

Since horsetail tea works as a diuretic it will help to encourage a healthy flow of urine which can aid in allowing a kidney stone to pass easier. Horsetail tea is commonly used for urinary infections, urinary and kidney stones, as well as just keeping up the health of the urinary tract in general. Since this tea is widely available and comes without unwanted side effects, it is preferred by many who are looking for a natural way to relieve them of problems with kidney stones.