Bilberry Tea: For Healthy Vision

Bilberry tea is typically made from the fruit of the bilberry plant which is very similar in appearance to blueberries. Despite being similar in appearance, there are a few distinct differences that keep them apart. Although blueberries are healthy, there are benefits that bilberries have that can’t be found in the former fruit. Aside from that, bilberries are much harder to come by since they are difficult to grow and only thrive well in cold conditions. Bilberries are used for a variety of culinary reasons as well as to make herbal teas. Bilberry tea has many great benefits to it including its ability to increase strength of vision. For those that have impaired night vision, bilberry tea is a healthy remedy that may be a good option to try.

How Bilberry Tea Aids Night Vision

Bilberries contain components that are known as anthocyanosides. According to studies, anthocyansides have many potential benefits for the eyes. According to some people, it is believed that drinking bilberry tea can have a positive effect on increasing vision, particularly night vision. Although, there still needs to be more studies done in order to offer more evidence to support these claims, bilberries contain a high content of vitamin A. There are studies that have proven that deficiencies in vitamin A can lead to impairment of night vision. Therefore, drinking bilberry tea regularly can help to prevent any impairment of night vision. For this reason, bilberry tea is still seen as beneficial for vision.

For those who wish to drink bilberry tea to help prevent problems related to night vision, it is advisable to drink between 1 or 2 cups a day. Prior to drinking bilberry tea, consult a physician if you are currently pregnant or on any medications.